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Apply for Graduation

You should apply for graduation in the semester prior to the semester you intend to graduate.

After logging in, navigate to the Apply for Graduation link by clicking:

  • Self Service in the Menu, then Student Center.

    Student Center link

  • From the Student Center, select Apply for Graduation in the drop down menu and click the right arrows.

    Apply for Graduation

  • Select the academic program in which you wish to apply for graduation by clicking on its description.
    Note: This function is not applicable to Non-Degree Program Students.

    Select Program and Degree

  • Next, select your expected graduation term (semester) from the list. If no terms exist in the list, you are not yet eligible to graduate. Select continue or select a different program.

    Select Expected Graduation Term

  • Verify that all data is correct. If the academic program/degree is not correct, click the Select Different Program button to select a different value. If the term is not correct, click the Select Different Term button to select a different value.
    If everything is correct, read the Graduation Instructions and click the Submit Application button to continue the process.

    Submit Graduation Application


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